Project approach

Orientation phase

The orientation phase is intended to make a blueprint of the project. In this phase, possible basic concepts must be defined and considered.

Repanin Consulting BV can help the customer to define these concepts. This based on a broad and long term experience with several solutions.

Preparing tender document

In the tender document, the desired basic functionalities of the systems will be established. This document will be written in close consultation with the project team and will be drawn from the customer and user defined vision.

Repanin Consulting can realize the tender document. The tender document must be a team result, written from the vision of the customer. To achieve this, Repanin Consulting will work intensively together with the customer. The requirements of the customers will be fully respected.

Repanin Consulting contributes with expertise to complete the requirements and gaining advantages of new opportunities.

The tender document describes the requirements and wishes of the customer in such a way that potential suppliers are on the basis of the tender document capable to offer at a fixed price.

After the preparation of the tender document a budget estimate can be performed by Repanin Consulting.

Supplier selection and procurement

At first a long list of potential suppliers will be made. The suppliers can be sent a Request for Information. Herein questions that these suppliers should give an answer. Based on the foregoing and in consultation with the client the supplier shortlist will be defined.

The tender document will be sent to the potential suppliers on the short list.
These suppliers offer on the basis of the tender document. Also in this phase reference visits to potential suppliers can take place and the suppliers shall be asked to give a presentation of both the company and the available technical solutions.

Quotations shall be reviewed based on predefined criteria and in close cooperation with the client. The result of this phase is a contract with the chosen supplier.

In this phase, the following activities can be performed by Repanin Consulting:
– Definition long list potential suppliers.
– Joint choice supplier short list.
– Quotation evaluation
Realization, commissioning and completion

For each project phase, the following steps:


The selected supplier shall realize a functional and technical design.
The functional design is written by the supplier in close collaboration with the project team.


Before commissioning of the systems, it is essential in each conversion phase a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in a simulated environment has to be performed. Only after an approved FAT the appropriate conversion can be performed.


The commissioning of the plant takes place according to the conversion plan, which includes a detailed schedule. The supplier shall make this conversion plan and discusses it with the project team.

Phase Completion

Within a period after every conversion the project team supplies a remaining points list to the supplier. This period to be defined by the project team. The remaining points list determines the phase completion.

After each phase completion the warranty period for hardware deliveries for this phase starts.

Total Completion

Within a time limit after the final commissioning the project team supplies a rest point list for the total completion to the supplier. The remaining points list overrides the previous completions per phase and determines the total completion. After the total completion the warranty period starts.

Support Repanin Consulting

Repanin Consulting can support the project during the realization phase. The aim is that Repanin Consulting ensures the project is realized as it is defined in the tender document.
Repanin Consulting can f.i. perform the following activities:

– Active monitoring of the implementation by the supplier and if necessary support the supplier.
– Monitoring of quality required by the conditions in the tender document and other documents, budget and schedule.
– Keeping progress meetings with the project team and the supplier.
– Participation in the discussions with the steering team.
– Monitoring and evaluation of documents. This includes system analysis reports, drawings, etc.
– Supervision during FAT and commissioning.